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Image by Petra Bouchalová


Behavior Consulting

$75+ tax

If after speaking with us and discussing your pets behaviour you are still not sure what training option is best suited to you and your dog's needs, then having a Behaviour Consultation may be the next best step for you. With this option you have the choice of our trainer coming to your home, you bringing your dog to visit our training facility, or even meeting in a busy public place if that is the place you believe the behaviour can be observed best. *Although some tips may be provided no training will be completed upon this visit. 

Private Lessons (5)

$795 ( +tax and E collar)

This is opportunity to work one on one with our trainer.

In these 5 sessions we will asses and create a plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they be obedience and/or behavioral issues.

This program covers any issues on the walk (lunging, barking, growling, pulling). Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Come/Recall. We will also address behavior problems, such as jumping up, mouthing, nipping, counter surfing, or any issues you experience.

By the end of the program you will feel confident and knowledgable in handling all situations with your dog. 

***Dogs with severe human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the One-on-One sessions. (Please see Board and Train Option)

Off Leash Basics 

$495 (+tax and E-Collar

This program is for the owner who wants 100% recall in any situation, and the freedom, fun, and peace of mind that comes from having this training. In these three sessions, we will introduce you and your dog to the amazing world of low-level remote collar training. Creating the dog that comes back to you every time you call him, no matter where you are or what is going on around you. Whether you are looking to off-leash hike with your dog, visit the dog beach, have control at the dog park, or are dealing with a dog that bolts through doors and runs away, this program is for you!

***Dogs with any human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the One-on-One sessions. (Please see Board and Train Option)

Board and Train

2 Weeks $1975*

3 Weeks $2450*

4 Weeks $2975*

* (+ tax and E-collar)

We not only specialize in aggression rehabilitation, we also successfully deal with all levels of canine behavior problems on a regular basis. By focusing primarily on problem behavior and naughty dogs, we’ve been able to develop a unique approach that not only transforms dogs, but also transfers seamlessly to the owners.

We specialize in, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. Our E-Collar program is far from the old school "shock" training. Contemporary E-Collar Training utilizes the softest, most gentle remote communication, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available.

We work one on one with each dog and create a specific training program that is unique to their specific training needs. By comparison to the rest of the industry, which tends to do a higher volume of dogs and longer programs, our very unique approach to training and rehabilitation allows us to go further with your dog in less time and create transformations that a lot of companys cannot offer.

In the board and train, we address all forms of unwanted behavior, including, but not limited to:

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression

  • Human Aggression

  • Food and/or Resource Guarding

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Severe Fear Issues

  • Reactivity On-Leash

  • Hyperactivity 

This program also covers all of the basic commands – Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Heel, Come/Recall – as well as Crate Training, Waiting for Food, and Waiting at Thresholds.

Pack Walks

$45/ 1.5-2 hr Hike 

Who doesn't love off leash back country adventures with all your friends?! All of our pack walk dogs are fitted with E collars and have to have completed at least our "Off leash Basics" program to ensure recall and safety. Dogs with a history of dog aggression will be evaluated on a case by case basis to see if they are eligible to join in the off leash fun! Households with more than dog can receive a discounted rate.



Have your dog boarded in our trainers very own home. Not only will your dog be able to enjoy the comforts of a non- kennel style boarding but we are situated on 34 beautiful acres of farmland with enough space for everybody to play and enjoy free time.

Our boarding programs are offered exclusively to our training clients only. If you are not a previous client please feel free to contact us today about what level of training is required to be eligible for our boarding services. 

Breed/Adoption Consultation

$125 (+tax)

This is a unique opportunity to get a personal/family assessment on what breed is best suited for you and your lifestyle. 
Our trainer will meet with you in person and discuss the qualities you're looking for in a new family member,  the activity level best suited, as well as considering any other furry members or children. Everything from energy level (of the humans too) to grooming, to training needs, will be considered.

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