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Board and Train

 Board and Train

Obedience, Behavioural Modification, + Remote Collar Training

2, 4, and 6 weeks

Whether your dog is struggling with walking calmly on the leash, barking from your home or car, a fan of selective listening, inconsistent or no recall, or you just simply want to have a better trained, more obedient pup, we can help. Let us do the initial “heavy lifting” and then teach you to up-keep these new skills.  See what we can teach your dog in these 2 - 6 weeks and give yourself some time off.


In our board and train program your dog stays IN HOUSE with one of our trainers. We work with your dog each day on building their confidence, obedience, and addressing the training concerns, whatever they may be. We also ensure they get lots of affection and attention while they’re here so that they stay happy and have fun. We will take them off location to various spots like pet stores, trails, the beach, etc, to expose them to as many "real life" situations as possible. 

This program also includes 3- 5 training sessions for YOU to make sure you can continue handling your dog in a way that benefits their new skills and behaviours.


In addition to addressing your training concerns, your pup will also learn the following:


  • Walk calmly while heeling in various environments

  • Off-leash work (Off-leash Heel, and recall)

  • Advanced Obedience 

  • Thresholds

  • Place command with distractions (doorbells, people, and dogs passing, etc.)


*Dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, reactivity, or aggression require the 4 or 6 week board and train seen here*

How many weeks does your dog need?


Our 2-week boarding option is designed for puppies or dogs with more generalized issues like jumping, selective listening, nuisance barking, and leash pulling.


Our longer board and train packages are designed for dogs with more extreme behaviours such as reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety.

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