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Board and Train

 Board and Train

1-6 weeks


Obedience, Recall, Behavioural Modification, + Remote Collar Training

A Board and train is great for busy owners that struggle with fitting training sessions, socialization and exposure sessions into their schedule. It's also created for the owners who's dogs behaviour is more extreme than they feel comfortable managing alone. If you're an owner  who is committed to your pup’s success, and can uphold rules and maintain consistency by following the program then a board and train might be exactly what you've been looking for!


Our unique approach to board and train programs allows you to gain all of the benefits from training without keeping you from your beloved pet for long.  Your dog stays with our trainers Sunday-Thursday with a go home lesson each week on pick up. We have found that this allows the owners to have more practice, thus becoming more comfortable with the reintegration into home life with their dogs.

Puppies under 5 months of age are eligible for our Puppy Day-Camp and Train  for their board and train option.

We work with your dog each day on building their confidence, obedience, and addressing their training concerns, whatever they may be. We also ensure they get lots of affection and attention while they’re here. We take them off premises to various spots like pet stores, trails, the beach, etc, to expose them to as many "real life" situations as possible depending on their training needs. 

Benefits of Lead Right's Board-and-Train Program:

  • Relationships don’t change overnight. Keeping you involved throughout the program makes sure we are addressing both the dog’s behavior as well as any underlying relationship issues

  • You get to learn alongside your dog, and get continued assistance perfecting your own technique throughout the program, with opportunities for troubleshooting along the way

  • Weekly go-home lessons help ensure that you are receiving all the information you need for success, but in smaller manageable portions

  • You get to spend time with your dog every weekend throughout the program

  • Returning your dog to his home environment each weekend allows us to troubleshoot any potential real-world application issues that arise and continue working on it with you


*Dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, reactivity, or aggression require the 4 or 6 week board and train seen here*

How many weeks does your dog need?


Our 1-2-week boarding option is designed for puppies or dogs with to work on general obedience, loose leash walking, and recall.


Our longer board and train packages are designed for dogs with behavioural concern such as reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety.

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