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Behavioural Consultation 


If you are not sure which training option is best suited to you and your dog's needs (after speaking with us), then booking a Behaviour Consultation may be the next best step for you.

With this option, you have the choice of our trainer coming to your home (travel fee may apply), coming to our training facility, or meeting in a busy public place. Whichever place you believe the behaviour can be observed best.

In this 30 min assessment we will observe your dogs behaviours and see how they respond to different stimulus. We will then be able to help you decide which training option your dog need based on what we see.  

*Although some tips may be provided no training will be completed upon this visit. 

Adoption Consultation


This is a unique opportunity to get a professional assessment on a dog you're considering to adopt. 

Adopting or rescuing a dog can be a very rewarding expereince. That being said, many owners end up with more than they bargained for. 7/10 dogs see for in for behavioural issues are rescues and it's possibly the reason the previous owner re-homed them.

Most rescues try to have the dogs best interest at heart, but many of them aren't fully honest about the dogs potential issues or training needs.

We will help you make an educated (not just emotional) decision on this long term commitment. Training for issues can be expensive and are not a one time fix. If you do decide to take on a dog that has any training concerns, it's important to have all the information on what that will entail long term.

Not only will be assess the dog and any potential behaviour issues they my have, we will also inquire with you which qualities you're looking for in a new family member, the activity level best suited to your lifestyle, as well as considering any other furry members or children. Everything from energy level (of the humans too) to grooming, to training needs, will be considered.

Adopting a dog is a BIG DEAL and a long term commitment.

Let's make sure you're making the right choice with who which lovely pup you decide to adopt!

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