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"Our family dynamic is happier, our dog is happier, and best of all, we can enjoy all the dog-friendly activities we once thought would be out of reach. Thank you Dana!"


"Jack"- 4 yr Old Labradoodle

Human and Dog Reactive

I came to Dana after feeling defeated after 12 sessions with a previous trainer, I was told my 4 year old labradoodle would be nothing more than a house dog due to his ‘reactive’ type behaviours toward other dogs and people.
From the moment I first chatted with Dana I felt like there was hope.
Our first session I was blown away, Dana’s knowledge and training style left me in awe. My house dog’ was showing me how smart and trainable he really was, all thanks to Dana.
We have now completed session 3 and we have had a complete turnaround. First time ever I have been able to walk my boy by other dogs without ANY issue. The calm state he exhibits is nothing I have seen in him before!
We are finally able to enjoy our walks and having our dog around others with ease!
Thanks Dana!

Julie (Port Alberni, BC)

    "Nikki"- 10 months old

- Jumping, Mouthing, No Recall 

We have a one year old Akbash/Pyrenees dog and he was too big and strong for me to handle.  He was killing our chickens and would just fight me when I tried to control him. 

    I wanted to give up and find another home for him but we decided to give Dana at Lead Right Dog Training a try at helping us.  Dana worked with him for two weeks and changed him into a much nicer dog.     

    She also showed us how to manage his misbehavior, have him walk properly on a leash and make him leave the chickens and ducks alone.  

   Now that I feel confident to continue teaching this dog, and that Dana managed to calm him down enough to be teachable,  I feel better about keeping him! 

    Frank & Barb 

    (Saward, BC)

🐶 Meet “Nicky”, this handsome 110lb “pu
This handsome guy is Dexter!_The cuddlie

"Dexter"- Dog reactive 3yrs old

 "He’s loving his new daycare! Been going on lots of hikes. His listening skills are on when we are consistent. But have had no issues so far so good!"


(Vancouver, BC)



"Chevy & Rogue" Sibling Rivalry

"Never thought I'd see the day that they both can be in the same room let alone on the same bed. I am so proud of them"

Aleasha and Gary 

(Coombs, BC)



6 Months old

- Rambunctious/Selective Listening-

"She’s doing a great job. Gets in the car on “up” right away now, walking beside me on leash constantly glancing up and checking in with me. Thanks to Dana's training, my lab pup is simply the best! I wish I was so well behaved."

-Christine (Nanaimo, BC)


" Max" 1 Yr Old

"Dana has been helping us with our Great Pyrenees, Max.  Max was becoming very pushy and mouthy, overall quite a handful.  Since working with Dana, we have seen a complete turnaround.  He’s calmer, better behaved and a complete joy to go for a walk with.  He loves to run and play, but now I feel in control and able to call him back if there is danger, ie a car coming.  As with any successful training programme, it does take daily training; and the more we work together, the stronger our relationship is becoming."  

-Karin & Darryl

(Vernon, BC)



"I highly recommend Lead Right Dog Training! I contacted Dana after adopting a 4 year old large breed dog who struggled with an abundance of issues - reactivity and a general lack of trust were the main ones. After a few initial private lessons we decided that a 3 week board and train was the best option for Nootka.
What a difference!!! I can now confidently walk my dog knowing that both him and I possess the skills, tools and proper state of mind to handle anything. None of this would have been possible without Dana's knowledge and guidance."


(Nanaimo, BC)


6 yr old - Dog Reactive

"Dana came recommended to me from a friend- I noticed the change in her newly adopted rescue dog and got instantly jealous in the way he responded to her and was so well mannered ! I knew I had found the answer to my leash reactive/ jumping dog !
Since doing the board and train, I can walk my dog anywhere on or off leash with a calm energy ! It’s life changing ! I also now have a safe place to board her when we go away!
I would recommend Dana to everyone ! We love her ! XO"


(Nanaimo, BC)


"Molly" Practiving her "place command" on top of the log.


Rambunctious/Leash pulling/Selective Listening - 3 yrs Old

"I can’t recommend Lead Right training enough. The changes I saw after 1 visit was nothing short of amazing. My girl no longer barks in the car, no longer pulls when we walk on leash, continually watches me for cues. AND we still have another week and half of our three week training. I needed the right tools to help my girl be the best she could be- and Dana helped me with that. Lead Right Training gets 5 stars from me!"


(Nanaimo, BC)


6 Yrs- Dog Aggression, Leash pulling

Dog AggressionHendrix was becoming more aggressive with other dogs and animals to the point where we would avoid them and go to remote areas to play fetch and let him off leash. He pulled on the leash and was a general nightmare for my partner to walk alone. We decided it was time for a change. This is where we met Dana, as Hendrix was placed with her for his training.  

Hendrix stayed with Dana for 2 weeks and worked on rehabilitating him to become friendly around other dogs, along with some general obedience commands. She kept us updated with videos and pictures of him playing with other dogs and progressing to no muzzle! 

It was such a difference when I came to pick him up 2 weeks later. He was obedient on the leash with no more pulling. We can take him everywhere with us, and not have to worry about other dogs or animals. He is now living with a small pug which would have never been possible before. Dana has changed the relationship we have with Hendrix. 

Dana is always available for any questions that we have The whole process was easy, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Dana for any training purposes, as she is professional, trustworthy and easy to talk to. She goes out of her way to make sure Hendrix gets the best care and to ensure we were comfortable during the whole process. 

                          -Kurtis (Nanaimo, BC)


"Boaz" Human Aggressive, -10 months old-

"I know it doesn't seem like a lot to some but today when he saw our friendly neighbour (who he hates!) and he didn't bark or move or react at all! We stood there talking for 10 mins!"

-Jodie (Victoria, BC)


"Ella" Dog Aggressive - 3yrs old

"She is really focused now! I'm very surprised how much she is able to concentrate with other dogs around! "

-Kessa (Nanaimo, BC)


3 Year Old - Terrier Mix

 Dog Reactivity 

I would highly recommend working with Dana at Lead Right Dog Training. Our rescue dog had some leash aggression issues that made it downright embarrassing when we were out in public and encountered other dogs. I would never have dreamed we would be able to walk calmly off leash, or that we would be able to tackle some of the other reactive behaviour issues he had. Dana gave us the tools to work with our dog and we were able to create a trusting dynamic where he looks to us for instruction and we are the ones in control. Our family dynamic is happier, our dog is happier, and best of all, we can enjoy all the dog-friendly activities we once thought would be out of reach. Thank you Dana!

- Dana (Nanaimo, BC)

Cricket Dog Training.jpg
Meet Pickles 😎👑_This handsome little d


10 Month Old - Indian Pariah Rescue

-Dog reactivity, Leash Pulling/Jumipng

I have a completely different dog after just one session! I’m so grateful to Dana for showing me just the beginning of what my pup can do! After 30 minutes she had my dog heeling, stopping, turning, and zero reactivity to other dogs. We are really looking forward to our next session! Thanks for everything Dana!

-Anna (Vancouver, BC)


5 Year old Great Dane

Dog Agressive

We came to Dana for help with our reactive Great Dane rescue "Jasmine". For two years we tried everything to deal with her dog reactivity with no luck. Walking Jasmine was challenging and embarrassing, as she would jump on the end of the leash, barking and freaking out.  Car rides were a ridiculous gong show of Jazzy running around and barking at any dog we passed.  

One lesson with Dana and we could not believe the change!  We were stunned when she was able to lie down 10 feet away from Dana's "bait dog".  On the car ride home she calmly observed passing dogs!  

The training has been life changing for all of us.  I can now take Jasmine to the sea wall, Westwood lake, and pretty much anywhere in the car!  I can even walk her off leash.

Thanks Dana, you are awesome at what you do and I recommend you to anyone with issues with their dog.

Kate M. Nanaimo, BC


"You changed our lives. The vet and 3 trainers told us he was too much dog for me! The breeder agreed to take him back. After training at Leadright, I can go anywhere, trusting that we have the tools to help him manage his own behaviour. Bonus: He seems proud of himself and seems so much more fun loving! One month after graduation and his behaviour seriously better than I imagined but the big upside is how much more relaxed, confident and happy he is now he is learning to manage his emotions and behaviour."

Julie Victoria, BC

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