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puppy Training

Image by Vander Films

Congratulations on your new puppy!

So you have decided to add a precious new member to your family. Its vey important to start tings off on the right paw' the moment your new pup joins your family. Early dog obedience training is much easier than trying to correct habits and behaviours that are already established.


Apart from basic obedience, young dogs need to learn that being approached by unfamiliar dogs, people, and new experiences are fun,  not overwhelming or scary. Pups who are frightened early in life may become defensively aggressive later in life if they feel threatened. How the owner responds to these initial experiences plays a major role in how the dog views the world they live in. 

Our trainers work side by side with you to help you raise a confident, kind, and willing partner that you have always dreamed of!

Puppy Training

Image by Taylor Kopel

4 weeks of lessons

$495 + tax

For puppies 10 weeks - 6 months of age. This Private Lesson Program is tailored to you and your puppies individual needs and learning capacity.

Image by Diogo Hungria

1-4 weeks 

$755/ week

Do you have a puppy ages of 10 weeks - 5 months old? Don't have time to be with them all day but want them to still receive the vital training and socialization they need. Bring them to Day-Camp!

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