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Puppy DaY-Camp and Train

Puppy Day-Camp and Train

$755/ Week 

$2575 for 4 Weeks (15% discount)

*Overnight boarding is extra, but available during the week*

This course is perfect for EVERY puppy! Its designed for all breeds from 12 Weeks- 5 months of age.

In this 1-4 week program your puppy will stay in home with one of our trainers Sunday- Thursday and work each day on obedience, proper socialization, crate training, house training, leash manners, and exposure to various new environments. At the end of each day you get to pick up your puppy spend the evening with them that home. 

There will be a lesson for the owners each Thursday so you too can learn how to raise and continue training the perfect pup! Then, on Thursday afternoon you will pick up your puppy and they get to spend the weekend at home with you. If you work during the day on Friday don't worry! As long as you have them let out for a pee, they will likely be happy to have a rest day at home after a long week of training. 

  • Daily exercise and enrichment, with regular potty breaks

  • A minimum of three 20-45 minute training sessions each day

  • A one-hour lesson each week, on Thursday afternoon 

  • Our "Puppy Package" Training instructions and videos

  • Opportunity to schedule additional follow-up lessons without needing to purchase a full package

  • Unlimited lifetime support via email or phone after the conclusion of the program

Puppy Daycamp Includes:

We ensure that your puppy is feeling safe and secure in their environment, work on their drive to make their owners happy, socialize them so they learn to have both human and doggy friends, and encourage them understand what is being asked and expected of them in training. Creating this environment for them takes strong leadership, balanced training, and the knowledge of when to encourage certain behaviours and also when to discourage others. Start your lovely new addition off on the right paw and book your pup in with us today!

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