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  • Where will my dog stay during a Board and Train?
    During a board and train your dog will stay in home with our trainer. This provides around the clock care and allows for "habitual training" on top of regular training hours.
  • Will he/she recieve regular exercise?
    Yes! exercise is a very important part of all dogs training program. We are situated on 34 acres of farmland and often leave the property to train in various public locations as well. The exercise regime is tailored to the individual dogs needs. Possible forms of exercise include pack walks, rollerblading, bike rides, hikes and more!
  • How will I (the owner) know how to continue training?
    Upon completion of your dog's board and train program our trainer works with you for 1.5-2 hrs on how to continue the training. You will be given homework and instructions to make sure you know how to keep up with the training. As well as the lesson upon pick up your Board and Train includes up to 3 free follow up lessons (approx 1 hr each) to use as needed within 6 months.
  • Does the new good behaivour last forever?
    It will if you follow the instructions and guidelines given to you by your trainer following training. Your dogs will stay responsive and well behaved as they are upon pickup. It is always possible for a dog to revert into old habits if the owners fail take responsibility for training upkeep and implementing rules and structure.
  • How do I know which training service is best for my dog?
    Contact us anytime and we will be happy to help you find the option best suited toy your dog's needs. Just tell us a little bit about your situation and what you are hoping to achieve with training. If you're still not sure we have a Behaviour Consultation Service where one of our trainers will meet with you and personally assess your dogs behaviour.
  • What is a modern day E-Collar?
    We are glad you asked! Please check out our E-collar (and their Myths) page to have all of your questions answered!
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We know you may have some questions that we haven't covered above and we would love to answer them for you if you do! 

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