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Behavior Consulting

$75+ tax

If after speaking with us and discussing your pets behaviour you are still not sure what training option is best suited to you and your dog's needs, then having a Behaviour Consultation may be the next best step for you. With this option you have the choice of our trainer coming to your home, you bringing your dog to visit our training facility, or even meeting in a busy public place if that is the place you believe the behaviour can be observed best. *Although some tips may be provided no training will be completed upon this visit. 

Breed/Adoption Consultation

$125 (+tax)

This is a unique opportunity to get a personal/family assessment on what breed is best suited for you and your lifestyle. 
Our trainer will meet with you in person and discuss the qualities you're looking for in a new family member,  the activity level best suited, as well as considering any other furry members or children. Everything from energy level (of the humans too) to grooming, to training needs, will be considered.

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